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Custom Design

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Soccer City not only has the latest and greatest soccer equipment, we specialize in custom apparel printing too! Uniforms, players packs, fan apparel, coach or player gifts - yep, we do all of that! Not soccer related? That's ok - we do that too!

Please stop by, call or email us any time for more information on custom printing! For those of you who want the run down first, here's the deal:

Our printing methods include screen printing (or silk screening), heatpressing, and embroidery. We print & embroider the majority of apparel & other items in-house at our Lynden location. We can also get customized items such as waterbottles, patches, lanyards and others.

All customers ordering custom printed apparel have access to our in-house graphic designer. Whether you have existing artwork, a great idea in your head, or no ideas at all, we can help you customize your apparel from start to finish. Our graphic designer can meet with your personally at our Lynden location, or soley through email. Find out more about artwork requirements here.

The Customized Apparel Ordering Process

Here's how it works:

  1. Contact Soccer City with your order details! See Tips and Things to Consider for the type of information we'll need. If you are firm on colors and quantities, you may submit that information now.
  2. You will be put in contact with our graphic designer. Our artist may need to gather additional artwork & apparel set-up details.
  3. If we are creating new artwork, our graphic artist will email you one or more logo options. You may choose from the options and request revisions.
  4. Once you have finalized your logo design, or if you have existing artwork, our graphic designer will email you an apparel mock-up. This is your final chance to ask questions and request revisions. You must approve a final proof before we move forward with printing!
  5. If you have not submitted final quantities and sizes, you will do so now, along with personalization info (names/numbers).
  6. We will prepare artwork for printing,embroidery and/or heatpressing. Your order is added to our schedule.
  7. Once your product arrives, it is printed, embroidered and/or heatpressed. Upon completion, your order is double checked for accuracy.
  8. Your order is shipped, transferred, or you are called for pick-up, according to previously arranged details.

How long does it take?

The entire process generally takes about one week. During our busy season (May-July) it may take up to two weeks. In most cases we are able to accomodate tight turn-around times. Keep in mind shipping & transferring product takes additional time.
How quickly we are able to get your job out the door also depends on timely communication with you! So if you don't check your email regularly or know you'll be out of town, please be sure to tell us!


Prices vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. Garment style and color, fabric, quantity, number of ink colors, number of print locations, and personalization all affect price. For this reason we ask that you please contact us for a quote! Be sure to include your projected due date!

Getting Started

Here are few things to consider:

  • Due date
  • Estimated quantities
  • Garment style/fabric
  • Print & garment colors
  • Names, numbers, or other personalization
  • What logo(s) or artwork you want to use
    *Click here for ideas to help you get started on design ideas, and requirements for existing artwork.

Ready to get started? Get ahold of us!