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Art Requirements

Soccer City customers ordering custom printed apparel may provide thier own artwork or work with our graphic artist to come up with original designs!

Artwork Contact

You may email artwork inquiries and files to Or call 360.318.8669 during business hours with questions.

Gathering Design Ideas

If you don't have existing artwork you will want to consider:

  • Text that should appear in your logo/artwork
  • Style of your logo/artwork
    (Ex: sleek and clean, grungy, professional, kid oriented)
  • Graphic elements to include in your artwork, such as a soccer ball or mascot.
  • Search for images or shirt ideas on the internet*. Drag and drop photos into an email or document and decide what you like best about them.
  • If you get stumped, don't worry about it! We're happy to help!

Drawings, Prints, and Photo Files

Although we encourage bringing your own drawings, photos or other media to collect ideas*, final artwork for printing they must be converted to vector art on a computer. Vector art allows your artwork to be sized larger or smaller, without losing quality.

In cases where the artwork does not exist in vector form, we can usually trace it* on the computer. However, it will be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine whether we can work with it.

Vector Art/Correct File Types

Artwork that does exist in vector form should be submitted in one of the following formats:


All fonts should be converted to objects or outlines. It is not necessary to create a mock up of your apparel.

**Note that a photograph file (such as a .jpg, .gif, .png, and so on) embedded in one of the above files does not automatically convert to vector art!


Soccer City carries a variety of ink, thread, and vinyl colors. If you have a specific shade of a color in mind, please let us know! Locals may stop by our Lynden location to view inks, thread, and vinyl, or have our printers custom mix an ink color. Otherwise, we ask that you provide a sample or Pantone number.

**Computers do not show accurate color representations, due to differences in screen adjustments, lighting and screen age.


Due to copyright laws, not all artwork can be recreated.