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Covid-19 Disclaimer

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on garment supply chains we will be unable to meet our standard processing timelines until 2024.  We will process orders as soon as we receive product from our vendors, but please know order production could potentially take up to, or beyond 8 weeks until 2024. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding while we work with multiple factors that are completely out of our control. Soccer club admin are aware of these delays as well.  We will continue to do everything within our power to process and fulfill orders as quickly as possible.


We will now be replying to ALL Order Status Inquiries ONLY on Friday's, this allows our staff to be fully aware of the products status when they communicate with you and leaves their weekly schedules open to manage their other tasks.


We are still experiencing delays due to stock and shipping issues brought upon by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances that are causing major supply chain delays from factories globally and are impacting the speed with which we can receive, customize, and process orders.   

The reasons behind the supply chain challenges basically break down into two areas: 

Manufacturing: We are experiencing unprecedented manufacturing delays and transportation challenges from our vendors as they deal with the pandemic and various issues related to the reemergence of the virus. For example, we are receiving products several weeks after we are estimated to receive them, which in turn puts us several weeks behind our production schedule.

Shipping Carrier: Ongoing shipping congestion from carriers like UPS and the USPS is impacting their processing and delivery times of orders once we hand them off to them.  

We share these challenges with you to be completely transparent and give perspective. Please know that we have been working diligently as a team to manage what we can control to help overcome these challenges. 

More specifically, here are a couple of the steps we are actively taking right now:   

-We are speaking directly with our brand partners daily to do everything in our power to get backordered or delayed products to our facility asap.   
-When products are unavailable and/or substantially delayed in US factories we are sourcing inventory from international locations such as South Korea, England and Canada.  As products arrive from these locations we are fulfilling orders immediately.

Simply put, there is not a higher priority within our organization right now than processing orders. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and continued patience while we process orders as quickly as we can.